Unicos Air

logo Unicos Air es una empresa de aviación formada por un equipo con más de 20 años de experiencia en el mercado aeronáutico. Pone a disposición una flota de aeronaves (jets, turbohélices y helicópteros) con el fin de proveerles sus clientes vuelos ejecutivos, privados, sanitarios y vuelos grupales para más de 100 pasajeros. Unicos es elegido por empresas, gobiernos, individuos y brokers del exterior.
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About Us





Unicos Air is releasing a new membership program for customers who wish to access an even higher end service. We will be offering the pre-sale opportunity of flight hours with a bonus in the price per km. In addition to this, will provide members with priority on empty legs and for hiring the service during high season. As well as, a concierge service and access to VIP lounges in airports where we operate frequently. The membership program will also reward the client with different incentives throughout the contract year.


- 5% discount on flight km
- Access to two empty legs per month
- VIP lounge access
- Priority hiring during
high season
- Concierge service


- 10% discount on flight km
- Unlimited access empty legs per month
- VIP lounge access
- Priority hiring during
high season
- Concierge service

Empty legs or empty sections:

In the aviation world, the concept of empty leg means a non-sold route, let’s say from point A to point B. Many times brokers, like us, sell incomplete journeys from one point to another, leaving the second unoccupied . For example: a client highers our service from point A, being Buenos Aires and point B, being Miami. This means that the journey from point B (Miami) to point A (Buenos Aires), is free, this being the empty leg.

Concierge service:

The concierge service has a personalized attention of our sales executives. The member will be assigned a person for his/her absolute attention. Giving him the opportunity not only to communicate requests and special attention on the flight, but also assistance for hiring transfers and providing information the passenger may need.

Access to VIP lounge:

Our membership program gives the client access to the VIP room at Ezeiza Airport, Ministro Pistarini Airport and Aeroparque, Jorge Newbery. Where members can enjoy the comfort, privacy and services of the VIP space inside the airport.

Our clients seek to optimize their time, travel with discretion and absolute comfort. We are a company that has a market expertise of more than 20 years in the aviation industry. Our clients are usually managers of financial companies, governments, sportsmen and brokers from abroad. We specialize in giving a very personalized, discreet and safe services, which makes them choose us again. This is why we released this loyalty program, in order to take the relationship with our customers, to a even higher level.

Unicos Air has two types of membership program: Platinum Membership & Black Membership.