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Sanitary Flights

Medical transport is our specialty, being the safest, fastest and most reliable option for the transport of patients or organs. We have a wide variety of aircraft suitable for transport, medical evacuations and the transport of the patient and his family, together with specialized medical assistance personnel.

Executive Flights

We provide private flight services to executives who want to maximize their time. This service allows them to fulfill their busy schedules and attend meetings in different cities on the same day. Únicos Air is an excellent option that provides comfort and safety.

Purchase and sale of aircrafts

Buying or selling an aircraft can be easier thanks to Únicos Air. If you are interested in formalizing this type of operation, we will gladly assist you. If you want to buy an aircraft, we will need to know your interests, lifestyle and purpose of the purchase, so we can suggest the most appropriate one to maximize the return on your investment. We can also assist you with the sale of your aircraft.

More services

Sport teams

The charter service for groups is perfect for sport teams, work teams, groups of friends or simply larger groups of passengers. This service is perfect for multinational corporations, governments or entertainment companies.

Types of charter flights:

Personnel logistics: for your company and employees. Tours and shows: ideal to meet demanding itineraries. Emergencies: send help to whoever needs it.


Únicos Air takes care of the integral management of your aircraft, facilitating the numerous technical questions to be solved, enabling it to operate freely. Managing your aircraft's idle time is the key to efficiently capitalize your assets and lower fixed costs. We have the expertise to fully manage your aircraft, so that you can enjoy it and get the most out of it.


Únicos Air offers the possibility of obtaining advice on the important technical services for your aircraft and the necessary regulations to be able to fly, in addition to being able to count on our legal consulting services.